The Last Jedi, Might Get Awoken By the Force

I’m calling it now…

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Sucks

A Soon to be Review

The whole Walt Disney philosophy eats out of your hand with these pretty little sentimental creatures in grey fur coats. For my own part, I believe that behind these smiling eyes there lurks a cold, ferocious beast fearfully stalking us. –Philosopher Jean Baudrillard

Alright, so you know how I feel about the last installment of the Star Wars franchise. If not you can read up on it here. But if you have seen the movie it will not come as much of a surprise why the film fails on so many different levels. Now we have the latest Disneyfication (it’s a real word) coming up in less than two months, and quite honestly, I really don’t care where they take it from here.

Rian Johnson has potential, and his body of work, while small, shows that he can create a coherent plot and engage his characters in a story without making everything go boom. That might translate into a good movie or it might be a continuation of the disappointment that I felt from watching TFA. But no matter what it does for the franchise it will be useless, knowing that JJ will be at the helm of the last film of the new trilogy.

I will admit I was surprised to see the “new” trailer (they weren’t supposed to release a new on) during the World Series I have to look at it like any other movie because it is no longer my beloved franchise. And no matter how well RJ is able to pull the plane out the nose dive it will inevitably land, like the Millennium Falcon on some distant planet to quickly be forgotten like everything else that The Mouse produces theses days.

At least we have the extended universe (oh, I’m sorry, Legends) that was crafted before Disney got its hands on the property.

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